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BigThinkHead19/7/2006 10:48


Nicolas Anelka has lamented the fact he has a less than positive reputation in England as he looks to secure a move back to The Premiership.

The talented Frenchman is eager to quit current club Fenerbahce and return to the country in which he made his name with Arsenal.

As a starlet Anelka proved his goalscoring credentials in North London before making a less successful switch to Real Madrid, leaving in acrimonious circumstances.

Later in his career the striker played at both Manchester City and Liverpool and again, his departure from the former drew criticism.

However, Anelka - who is attracting strong interest from Portsmouth - feels his reputation is very much unjust and that it is such rumours that surround his persona that are off-putting to Europe's bigger clubs.

In an outspoken outburst, Anelka has criticised former Liverpool boss and current Lyon incumbent Gerard Houllier for the manner in which he treated him at Anfield during a loan switch.

[b]''You know, I never wanted to leave Liverpool,'' he told L'Equipe. [color=red]''It is the best club I know.[/color] 估唔到佢會咁講…佢之前有無講過相同讚美既說話呢?

''If everything went off as smoothly as I expected, I would have signed for five-years at that time, and today, I would be in talks for a contract extension.

''Let’s say when he (Houllier) told me at the last minute he won’t keep me, I found myself in difficulty because I had absolutely not started to talk with any other clubs. 真正既臨尾香…

''Finally I joined a club (Manchester City) against my will.'' [/b]


With Anelka clearly not enamoured with Houllier's man-management skills he has been quick dismiss reports of a possible return to France, as Lyon ponder over whether to submit an offer.

''I didn't have any direct contact with Lyon,'' he added. ''But I abandoned the idea to come back to France.

[b]''Lyon has not been my priority, moreover, Gerard Houllier is the main reason for what I am enduring at the moment.[/b] 睇黎佢同老候會永遠反面…正所謂有佢無我!

''If he did not do that to me at Liverpool, I would not be playing in minor clubs for four years, where I would never think to play one day.''

Anelka concluded by offering another riposte, this time in the direction of City, another club whom he feels are partly responsible for the more barren years in his career.

''I heard people from Manchester City said bad things about me when someone asked for information.

''The clubs should rather ask the English players with whom I played.

''That is even more incredible as I never had any trouble in England, except when I asked to leave Arsenal.

''And people forget they sold me for 33 million (£22.5 million) after buying me for 750,000 (£500,000) two years earlier from PSG.

''Now if the great clubs don’t try to hire me, it is never for football reasons.''


Source: [url]http://home.skysports.com/list.asp?hlid=404243&CPID=8&clid=14&lid=&title=ANELKA+LAMENTS+BAD+REP[/url]

lfc*ger819/7/2006 13:24
i heard that Houllier is a influence man in france.
He was really bad or Anelka was being stupid?

orminghon19/7/2006 13:37
[quote] [u][b]lfc*ger8[/b]  在 2006-7-19 21:24 發表:[/u]

i heard that Houllier is a influence man in france.
He was really bad or Anelka was being stupid? [/quote]


lfc*ger819/7/2006 13:45
[quote] [u][b]orminghon[/b]  在 2006-7-19 09:37 PM 發表:[/u]

仲有當年ince都話老侯冇尊重過佢 [/quote]

oh~thank you~
a poor guy!:kill

tung19/7/2006 13:54



tung19/7/2006 14:05
當時The Times 的報導

Paul Ridley, The Times  

THE Premiership has been blamed for just about everything since it kicked off some 10 years ago. The cost of petrol, rising house prices, dressing down, playing up, pay-per-view and banana republic economics.
Want a player? Can't afford him? Never mind, sign him anyway; the money will come from somewhere. And, by and large, it did. By the barrowload. But not any more. The collapse of ITV Digital has seen to that, along with a sea change in cash flow and a reality check into the value of football as a vehicle for promoting brand awareness.
If there is one man so far in the world of football who has realised that the old market force known as VFM - value for money - is back with a vengeance, it is Girard Houllier. The Liverpool manager's negotiations with Nicolas Anelka and his representatives will prove to be a landmark in the history of the Premiership, whether he signs the player or not.
For Houllier has introduced a new word into the discussions: No. As in: "No, I'm not going to give you #65,000 per week." What was that? No? No to a player asking for more? This is not a word that has suffered from overuse in recent seasons.
But 'no' was not the end of Houllier's message to Anelka's swarm of advisers, bodyguards and style consultants. Houllier told them: "#65,000? That's the best laugh I've had since finishing above Sir Alex. Tell you what, I'll give you half that and think yourself lucky."
And in that moment Houllier won the wages war. Never again will agents be able to pluck a figure from the air and turn it into a weekly wage. Never again will 30, 40 or 50,000 a week automatically get bumped up by 10 or 15 grand on a whim.
[b]Anelka is on loan at Anfield and the transfer with his club, Paris Saint-Germain, is still not complete. Tellingly, though, Houllier said: "The fee has been settled with Paris and the player's terms practically agreed. They are what we wanted and not what the player's agent wanted. [/b]  

"The figures are half what has been quoted. We need a striker to replace Robbie Fowler and we have several options (rumours persist about Frederic Kanoute moving from West Ham United), the main one of which is Nicolas Anelka. I want to take my time and think about it because I want to try and make the right decision for the club."
Historic stuff. And you can bet your boots that the final stages of this one-act play will be watched by every manager, chairman and chief executive in the game.  



Paul Eaton  

[b]Gerard Houllier has admitted only Nicolas Anelka's personal terms stand between the player and a permanent move to Anfield. [/b]  
The Reds are near to agreeing a fee with Paris St Germain to sign Anelka - who was this week left out of the French World Cup squad - but it remains to be seen whether the two parties can come to an arrangement over the striker's financial demands.
Houllier said: "It depends on the player's terms. It is true we are close to an agreement with Paris St Germain. We are very near with them."  


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alanhahaha88824/7/2006 04:27
[quote] [u][b]tung[/b]  在 2006-7-19 01:54 PM 發表:[/u]



所以最終冇簽安歷卡 [/quote]


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