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jessy292814/7/2008 01:33
Liverpool Rumours

Shockingly Liverpool will move for Newcastle's Micheal Owen. Owen is in his last year of contract and Newcastle are hoping to decrease his salary by about 30,000 pounds which Owen will not accept. Therefore Newcastle will put up Owen on sale and he will come for the price of around 5–6 million pounds. Instead of Keane Rafa will swoop for Owen which will free up some funds when trying to sign Barry and Silva. However as Alonso is not leaving Liverpool, they might instead look at a long–term replacement which will be in the form of either Micheal Johnson, Lee Cattermole, Ruben De la Red or Javi Martinez depending on their price. However Liverpool could sign Silva for £18 million pounds.

Liverpool; Rafa had £20 million at the start of the Summer and added/will add £24 million leaving Rafa with a total of 44 million this was/will be spent on cavalieri, Dossena, Bentley, Keane and a youn south American youngster? (do not know names)
Juve will sign Poulsen signalling their tiredness at Liverpool's reluctance to move in anyway to do a deal.

Liverpool will Silva for around £18 million, Rafa has far more money than he's telling everyone so that he does not get inflated prices when he enquires, hence he did not just give to the £18 valuation from Villa for Barry, (smoke screens people).

  I have it from a reliable source (Liverpool players relative) that Robbie Keane will 100 percent sign for Liverpool.
Keane is desperate to go and Tottenham are just waiting to get replacement, before selling.
i would name the player, but he might (would) get into trouble
i have a shop and the player and his relation come in all of the time.

Rafa's main target is to sign eto, use xabi Alonso to bring in Silva as Alonso is keen to move back to Spain, the replacement would be barry. Valencia financial situation may result in them wanting straight cash for Silva resulting in no deal for Eto'o as Alonso would then be mooted towards A. Madrid as would Pepe reina in order to land Sergio Aguero. the other option is Robbie Keane.
my brother works for Marca newspaper.

[color=Blue]These few romous really supricing me.....Owen, Eto++...Rafa has far more money!?!? I really hope these are true! Can't wait all these good news too long, Rafa pls take action faster![/color]

brabit14/7/2008 02:20
no Owen,Pls!
keane and Silva are good!

NEWPORT14/7/2008 03:45
[quote]原文章由 [i]brabit[/i] 於 2008-7-14 10:20 發表
no Owen,Pls!
keane and Silva are good! [/quote]


Welch14/7/2008 03:55

MACARENA14/7/2008 04:27

RedsCool14/7/2008 04:37
............yes agree.....would be real QUALITY BIG signings...

but i would expect Ben Sir has to cash in Alonso, Carson and Pennant to make these deal finalised...

No Owne pls....he does not fit anymore....rumor he will go to MU....well, if that happens...he will be another Kewell (negatively moving to Turkey)

micro14/7/2008 05:03
no la . owen 須然有感情,但29歲.speed 無,二傳唔強.剩下最後一腳.

beanbean042714/7/2008 05:07

加歷查的Fans14/7/2008 05:20

owen200314/7/2008 05:29



沙比唔走,仲可能買一個年輕球員,Micheal Johnson, Lee Cattermole, Ruben De la ,Javi Martinez


另外文中無啦啦有 Bentley依個名,但又無講點



前鋒 :羅比 , 奧雲, e度奧
中中:  巴利, Micheal Johnson, Lee Cattermole, Ruben De la ,Javi Martinez
翼: 施華, 賓特利

如 羅比 ,巴利 ,施華,咁都幾合理羅比(20m 本身買人$) ,巴利(沙比$ )  ,施華(高治$+其他人 ),,

leinad14/7/2008 05:41
買奧雲返0黎踢10場, 怕且到季中都要再買多個0黎填佢個位......

jessy292814/7/2008 05:51
[quote]原文章由 [i]加歷查的Fans[/i] 於 2008-7-14 13:20 發表
資料來源? [/quote]

sorry forgot to put down sources.......is came from [u]http://www.football-rumours.co.uk/[/u]

sorry for any inconvinience caused!

游客14/7/2008 07:03

alex16d14/7/2008 08:28
[quote]原文章由 [i]brabit[/i] 於 2008-7-14 10:20 發表
no Owen,Pls! [color=Red][b][size=5]don't come[/size][/b][/color]
Keane and Silva are good! [/quote]

cocacolacoke14/7/2008 09:06
I personally like Owen to come back.  The first reason is I think he will put all his heart to Liverpool if he has one more chance to come back. The second reason is if Tottenham asks 20M for Keane, I think that's too much!!  If it's only 5-6M for Owen, that's a very good price (he was valued around 10M last year!)

Also, I don't think Barry worths 18M neither!!  That's too much as compared with Xabi's 13M value.  I want Xabi to stay instead!!  Actually he did well before he injured last year.

The player I really long for is Silva.  he is creative and has a lot of room to improve.  If Torres can improve so much in Liverpool, so can he.  I think Rafa can train Silva up as a real world-class player.

RedsCool14/7/2008 09:16
Owen....is totally different class vs R Keana cos of his long knee injury....he is much slower and not as "prolific" as before...that explains why his value
should drop too.

Plus we let go a GOOD striker in Crouch for 11M, and only get a player for 5-6M like Owen whose best has passed.....this would be such a bad move

Two thumbs up for Silva, only 22....lots of potential

IFC14/7/2008 10:09
前鋒--只要 羅比
翼--施華,賓特利          始終 施華 好好多
中中--Micheal Johnson (下年先要)


owen 又老
有技術  but 冇態+決心

liverpoolrpg14/7/2008 10:45

BlackJ14/7/2008 11:50
I like Bentley + Silva, I think that we should have a large investment as we are going closer & closer with other Big 3.

soonsoon14/7/2008 13:17
hmm, rumuors only, i don't think owen will come back to liverpool anyway, and i don't think silva will join us too...

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